Finally, a single serve coffee pod that makes a great cup of coffee.

iFillSystems is an Official Sponsor for Golden Bean!

We are honored that iFillSystems was chosen as the exclusive supplier of single-serve pods for the Golden Bean North America AND the Golden Bean World Series competition of roasters.

Working to meet the strict demands of the most prestigious and discerning specialty coffee roasters on the planet is both a joy and privilege.  We look forward to many more great cups of coffee from Golden Bean roasters.

Fill Your Own Pods

Your favorite fresh ground coffee in easy to fill K-Cup® style pods. Seals tight to take anywhere.

Great Taste

Extra-deep strong filter holds more, finer ground coffee. Seals tight to lock in freshness.

Recycle Our Pods

Made from 100% Polypropylene for easy recycling. No need to separate parts.

Great coffee deserves a great brew.

That’s why iFillCup pods are designed to deliver the freshest and tastiest single-serve cup of coffee, without compromising on either quality or convenience. From filter to lid, great care has been taken to ensure flavor, freshness, and compatibility with the single serve brewer you use every day. Just grab your favorite coffee, fill the pod, seal it shut, and brew your morning awesomeness!

i360 Single Serve Brewer

We were tired of lukewarm coffee by other single-cup brewers. After years of perfecting the art of heating, pumping and extracting, we have finally developed the technology to pump the near boiling-water directly from the heating tank to the single-serve pod. This results in the optimal brewing and a steaming hot cup of rich coffee.

  • Easy to use, and fewer messes
  • Optimal brewing temperature (195° to 200° F) means perfect, rich coffee
  • Choice of cup sizes from 2-ounce espresso to 8 oz regular
  • No cleaning or maintenance needed between guests results in time savings
  • No loose parts to lose
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