Pre-Assembled Cups 96Pack


Want to use fresh ground beans in your single serve brewer? You’ll love iFillCups™, known by artisan roasters worldwide to brew the best single serve coffee.

  • Compatible with 2.0 and all other single serve brewers
  • Save Time & Money –  Quickly fill dozens of iFillCups™ with your own freshly ground beans in minutes.  So easy, just fill & close lid.
  • Customize Your Cups  –  Add up to 50% more coffee for a stronger cup or larger mug.  Add a little cinnamon, chocolate … and fun.
  • Patents-Pending DeepBrew™ –  Enables your k-cup brewer to extract the full flavor profile of beans.

Want to taste the world’s best crafted beans?  Just click on the Specialty Roasters menu, call (800) 979-­2231 or email


Contains 96 pre-assembled iFillCups™.  Each includes a cup, a pleated filter, a lid and a writable lidding film (by ball pen) pre-assembled to save labor and fully tested to ensure quality.

To save time in busy mornings, you can now fill in advance dozens of FillCups™ with fresh ground beans in minutes.  Just add coffee and close the lid.

To recycle just point the lid of a used iFillCup™ into a trash can and pinch the sides of the cup until the lid opens (opens easiest when still warm from brewing).  Tap the cup to loosen the used grounds as needed.
The package case dimensions for the 96-Pack are 12″ x 4″ x 8″.



* Keurig, K-Cup, Green Mountain, Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee are trademarks of Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Starbucks and Peet’s Coffee.  iFillCup™ is not related to or affiliated with them in any way.


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