7 Color Solution – 12 oz. Brew Pods

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For those situations, or just because you want to, we take seven steps beyond white generic pods and offer our select color lidding.

Need just one case? We’ve got you covered!  Need small batches of up to seven different SKU’s? We’ve got that covered too! Want to offer a sampler pack of your coffee or tea? You get the idea.

The 7 Color Solution is perfect for multi-packs and more.  Just slip a color key into the box or on the label and everyone gets their favorite brew.

One more example of how iFillCup™ has you covered.

Our patent pending preassembled iFillCup™ pods gives you:

  • Up to 15 gram capacity (depending on roast and grind levels)
  • True Freshness De-Gasing seal that allows you to Roast, Grind, and Fill on the same day
  • High Strength non-absorbing pleated filter that lets all the flavor through
  • Eco-Friendly 100% Recyclable materials

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