Why Choose iFillCup™ Business Solutions?

  • The Freshest Single-Serve Coffee on the Market
  • State-of-the-Art K-Cup® Filling Machines
  • 100% Recyclable K-Cup® Pods for the Eco-Conscious
  • Compatible with All Single-Serve Coffee Brewing Systems
  • Seasoned Team of Experts to Guide You

A History of Automatic K-Cup® Coffee Filling Machines

When K-Cups® were first introduced, the initial coffee filling machines used a non-pleated filter. They did a poor job of distributing water during the brew cycle, resulting in inconsistent, watery coffee. This caused many coffee lovers to avoid K-Cups®. They stayed with their slow drip coffeemakers.

In 2008 Keurig replaced their old filling system to solve the watery coffee issue. They use expensive machines that can produce pleated filter cups. By switching to pleated filters, water was distributed more evenly during the brewing cycle, reducing “channeling” and solving the problem of watery coffee.

However, a new problem arose. With high pump pressure in 2.0 K-Cup® brewers, and as more K-Cup® filling machines enter the market, there were frequent recalls of cups produced by low-quality filling machines that used weak paper filters or created poor heat seals, which would then break or tear during the brew cycle.

Our filling machines use iFillCup™ technology to include pleated polypropylene filters inside the cups, which are 10X stronger than any paper. This successfully solves both the channeling issue and the problem of breaking & tearing. You can have total confidence that you are creating the perfect cup of coffee with iFillCup’s™ filling machines.