Are you offering the FRESHEST Single Serve in your market?

Are you offering the FRESHEST Single Serve in your market?

Ground coffee breaks down quickly and start to deteriorate immediately. Heat, light, humidity, air all play a role. Aromatics dissipate in the first minute. Old coffee has absorbed other odors. Flat, tasteless coffee has given single serve coffee a poor and deserved reputation. Until recently….

Years of research and new technologies have been engineered into the iFill Cup™ to block out light, air and moisture. iFill Cup™ arrive fully assembled (no more additional labor and headaches) iFill Cup™hold 50% more coffee (robust flavor each cup), our #5 polypropylene filters are 10X stronger than other k-cups (no blowouts). Your logo prominently displayed on each tasty offering.

The best part is you control all aspects of the process! Our fully automated filling systems are plug and play. Quiet, small footprint and require no additional labor or hired help. Roast. Grind, Fill, Deliver on the same day.

You put extraordinary efforts into procuring the best beans. Roasting has become both art and science. Why settle for anything but the best for your customers?  Consumers today expect convenience. No prep. No clean up. Hence the single serve segment will continue to grow. You can either be apart of that, grow your brand and client base or choose to remain on the sideline.

To enable our specialty roaster partners to offer the Freshest single serve coffee, we have engineered the first fully automatic, compact filling machine with our revolutionary AutoClean™ technology.  It allows you to set up your filling machine and clean the old coffee in a minute, thus enabling you to “Roast, Fill & Deliver to Order”.  Please click the Youtube link to watch how it works:

Co-packers require 50-100+ lbs of coffee to purge the machine. Here is our AutoClean feature.

With 20 years serving US & Europe specialty coffee roasters, we can provide our roaster partners the best after-sell services including up to to 15-year extended warranty in the industry.  Please simply reply to this email or contact your passionate account executives today to schedule an on-line live demo meeting or a trip to our beautiful Washington headquarters (15 minutes to PDX Airport):

iFill™ Partners:

1.800.979.2231 or


Thank you for your time.  We look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to work with you to introduce the Freshest single serve coffee to your market.
iFill™ Partners
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