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iFillCup Fillable Pods, 48 Count

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Want to use fresh ground beans in your single serve brewer? You’ll love iFillCup® pods, known by artisan roasters worldwide to brew the best single serve coffee.

Compatible with most K-Cup® style brewers except Ninja® brand.


iFillCup® pods hold up to 50% more coffee than competitors. Our single serve pods have deeper stronger filters that hold more coffee for richer, fuller flavor.


iFillCup® pods are made with 100% BPA-Free, recyclable materials (#5). Just rinse and recycle. No need to separate or break down like other pods.


Finally, you can brew barista quality coffee pods using iFillCup® single coffee pods. Just grind and fill your own pods with any coffee you like. Great fresh roasted coffee meets single serve convenience. Try adding spices or other ingredients to your empty pods.


Fill with your favorite coffee to brew at work or home. Anywhere anytime. Freshness and grounds are locked in with the iFillCup® airtight seal!

Are my iFillCup® pods reusable or refillable? – It is possible with a few caveats. Unlike Keurig® coffee pods, used iFillCup® pods can be squeezed to pop the lid, dump the grounds, rinse the filter, refill and close the lid. Please note that repeated use will not seal the pod as before so you may have a few grounds leak out as the pods will no longer be air-tight. For best shelf life and no leak transport, continue to use your first use fully sealed pods.

Need more pods? Check out our 288 Pack!

Contains 48 pre-assembled iFillCup® pods. Each includes a cup, a pleated filter, and a writable (by ballpoint pen) polypropylene film lid, pre-assembled to save labor and fully tested to ensure quality.

To save time in busy mornings, you can now fill dozens of iFillCup® pods in advance with fresh ground beans in minutes. Just add coffee and close the lid.

Selected by the world’s best artisan roasters for their delicately crafted beans, iFillCup pods have

  1. The ONLY Pleated Polypropylene (PP) Filter in the Industry – Unlike the paper filters used in Green Mountain®, Peet’s®, and Starbucks® single serve pods*, the PP filter does not absorb delicate flavors, unlocking the full flavor profile of artisan crafted beans. The unique pleats of our PP filter enable complete extraction of all the ground coffee in the cup and prevent the well-known “Channeling” in other single serve cups.
  2. The LARGEST Filter in the Single-Serve Coffee Market – Our patents-pending DeepBrew™ design and super-strong PP filter enable you to add up to 50% more coffee, or as much as 15 grams, for a richer brew or a larger mug.
  3. The ONLY 100% RECYCLABLE pod in the Single-Serve Market – Unlike other recyclable serve pods in which only the cup is recyclable, iFillCup® pods use the same #5 Recyclable PP not only for the cup, but also for the lid and filter.
  4. The Patents-Pending SmartSeal™ – Our innovative SmartSeal™ provides a strong seal between the lid and cup that seals in the freshness. After brewing, the seal can be opened to allow you to discard the used coffee grounds.

To recycle, just point the lid of a used iFillCup pod into a trash can and pinch the cup until the lid opens. Tap the cup to loosen the used grounds as needed. Then rinse and dry. It should be noted the reused iFillCup pod may not provide the airtight seal of a new or original pod.

The package case dimensions for this 48-Pack are 6″ x 4″ x 8″.

iFillCup® pods provide the best coffee experience for single serve pods. Finally, coffeehouse quality and the convenience of single serve coffee pods. iFillCup® is compatible with Keurig® brewers (1.0 and 2.0) designed to be used like Keurig® cups (K Cup pods). The innovative Smart Seal (patent pending) provides an airtight and strong seal. Now you can pre-make pods and take them to work, boating, in an RV or anywhere you want fresh great single serve coffee. Hundreds of artisan roasters nationwide currently use iFillCup® pods to serve a great cup of coffee.

Weight .43 kg
Dimensions 22.2 × 16.5 × 12.7 cm

White, Green, Red

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