Just like food or wine, coffee from different parts of the world present different flavor profiles. Coffee drinkers in the pacific northwest tend to prefer a darker roast, whereas southerners may add in chicory for a flavor boost. But no matter what your preference, iFillCup’s™ unique process means that you’ll get your favorite coffee – roasted to your exact specifications and delivered at peak freshness – every time.


What is Artisan Coffee?

Think about freshly baked bread from a small, local bakery compared with the packaged stuff from a mega-mart.

The three waves of coffee, as used by many coffee experts, refers to three distinct trends in coffee consumption over the years.

The first wave includes mass-produced coffees (e.x. Folgers). These types of coffee offer a consistent product but are designed for mass appeal, and therefore, coffee connoisseurs may find that they skimp on taste.

The second wave includes specialty coffee chains (e.x. Starbucks). These chains offer custom blends that are often darker, and more flavorful, than the first-wave brands.

Finally, you have the third wave – gourmet artisan roasters who maintain a tight focus on everything that makes a particular coffee special: from the country of origin to roasting technique, from aroma and flavor to color. Artisan roasters work closely with their partners and farmers to ensure the highest quality, buying their coffees in smaller batches and making use of careful roasting techniques to bring out the individual flavor of each bean.

Unlike mass-produced brands, third-wave artisan coffee offers you a plethora of options:

  • Country of Origin
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Shade-Grown
  • Free-Trade
  • Dark, Medium or Light Roast
  • Coarse, Medium or Fine Grind
  • And Much More!